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Braddock, Pennsylvania is a community reinventing itself, and a variety of
commercial real estate opportunities are paving the way.  Braddock played a
major role in the history of the Pittsburgh region dating back to the French
and Indian War and continuing through the Industrial Revolution.  It is now
leading the way in the revitalization of bygone industrial towns.

Braddock is located along the banks of the Monongahela River about ten
miles from downtown Pittsburgh, and is situated amidst a one-mile trade area
exceeding 20,000 people.  Braddock is connected to other parts of the region
via river, rail and highway.  The town has been the focus of much attention
regionally and nationally as a model for community renewal and resurgence.

The closing of UPMC Braddock hospital in 2010 paved the way for
development of a mixed use project that includes a variety of housing and
commercial space along busy Braddock Avenue, the main artery through the
community.  This development is the centerpiece of a revitalization effort
along the Avenue that incorporates new and existing structures to form a new
business district.  A range of commercial properties on the Avenue and
beyond that offer retail, office and industrial uses are profiled on this site.  

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Braddock Success Stories
Braddock poses an exciting opportunity for the urban pioneer and entrepreneur to be a part of its'
rebirth at an exciting time in this community.

Thanks to the creative spirit of a diverse group of committed and involved residents and interested
parties, Braddock has been growing and evolving over the past few years.  Featured here are just
a few of the recent success stories that are building Braddock into a brand new community.
The Brew Gentlemen
512 Braddock Avenue
1023 Talbot Avenue
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Retail / Offices / Live
501 Braddock Avenue
Available for Lease - see page
Superior Motors Restaurant
Chef Kevin Sousa
1211 Braddock Avenue
Peppers N' At
28 Braddock Avenue


Allegheny County:  4.73 mills

Braddock Borough:  12.65 mills

School:  25.35 mills
(Woodland Hills School District)

Total:  42.73 = 0.04% of price

Mills are expressed as 1/1,000th of one dollar
($1.00 of tax for each $1,000 of assessment)

The Allegheny County Department of Economic Development implemented its Vacant Property Recovery
Program in an effort to allow individuals and businesses to acquire vacant and abandoned properties for
productive reuse and development. Numerous opportunities for acquisition and development through
the program exist within the Borough of Braddock. For more information and an application please visit:
April 10, 2018
Food & Wine Magazine includes  
Superior Motors among its top 10
restaurants of 2018.
Pittsburgh Magazine